As a part of its personal development cycle, JCI Monaco is organising its last English workshop of the year:


The foundation to Less Stress and More Collaboration with your teams

Facilitation is all about getting the best out of people and teams.  Meetings are more efficient, more productive and more fun.  Smarter, better ideas come quicker and time is respected and saved.

Why ?

This workshop will introduce you to Facilitation and how to start leveraging its power to help your team meet and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Who ?

Ideal for mid-level managers, creatives, strategists, media planners or anyone who runs meetings or wants to feel more confident in the “unknown”


  • Lead more efficient and effective meetings and collaborations
  • Get the best out of your team members
  • Develop a skill-set that will make you a stronger asset to any team for the rest of your career
  • Help your team create better outcomes with less stress and frustration

Key Learnings

Understanding what Facilitation is and why it’s a key leadership skill 5 Facilitation techniques you can start applying right away Better articulate and manage expectations of a team Use the collective intelligence of the group This interactive workshop is held by Dawn Hoenie, an experienced facilitator, process consultant, trainer, learning designer and coach. Dawn has a Diploma of Facilitation, holds acredication of Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer.  Organizations with whom Dawn has worked with include Hyper Island, IKEA, Amgen, Gyro, and Raiffeisen bank. To participate, please register below.  

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